benefits of doggy daycare

Doggie Daycare Olathe KSDo you work long hours? Do you have to run home after work to let your pet out. Taking your dog to daycare will make your evenings much calmer. You can run those much needed errands that you have been putting off. You will have a tired pet which will be ready for dinner and bed once they get home. Look how tired the two in the picture above are. Does your pet get lonely during the day and tears things up or potties on the floor because they can’t hold it all day long? Do your neighbors complain that your dog barks when you are gone? Do you have a puppy that needs to be socialized around other puppies and people? Doggy Daycare could be a perfect option for you.

So what is this doggy daycare thing? It is a safe environment where your dog or puppy can play with others for hours on end. They can play with different sizes of dogs. Puppies can learn how to properly play with other puppies and dogs. Some doggy daycare businesses have vet care and grooming at their location.

Let’s discuss finding the best doggy daycare. First you want to make sure your pet is current on all their shots and that the daycare requires up to date vaccinations. It is very important that the daycare does temperament testing. The daycare worker should evaluate your pet to make sure they get along with other dogs as well as people. They will perform certain exercises to make sure that the dogs are not aggressive towards other dogs, puppies and people to ensure that they can play safely with other dogs. This should not be a short test, but should allow enough time for the staff to see how your dog acclimates to the daycare setting. Daycare should be a fun and safe environment where they can play. A lot of daycare facilities have play groups by size, but will allow dogs of different sizes that get along to play together. You also want to make sure that the daycare has a place that your dog can rest if they need a break from playing. dog ratio to staff should be no more than 15:1. If access to the outside is provided, the fence should be tall enough that they cannot jump over it and small dogs cannot fit through the fence or crawl under it. The staff should be well educated on dog behavior, dog body language, difference between play and aggression, know how to safely break up a dog fight, how to recognize illness or injury in dogs and be certified in animal CPR.

When checking out daycare facilities for your dog take a tour, observe the play rooms and outside play areas. Make sure they have cameras that will allow you to watch your dog from your computer, tablet or phone. The staff should be willing to answer any questions your may have. Most importantly find a place that your dog will enjoy.