cat training

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Would you like your cat to use the litter box, scratch on appropriate items, to be affectionate and learn how to play properly with their family? Are you getting a new kitten and would like to get it started out on the right foot? I can help you and your cat accomplish all this and more. We can even help you and your cat become a certified pet therapy team.

We Love Pets Training has the knowledge and experience to resolve and prevent many types of cat behavior and training issues.

  • House Soiling
  • Aggression in multiple cat households
  • Aggression directed towards people
  • Scratching on inappropriate things
  • Jumping on counters or tables
  • Introducing new pets in to your home
  • Introducing a new baby to your cat

My training technique will help to keep your cat happy and healthy, strengthen your relationship with your cat, and prevent future behavior problems. Because every cat is unique, I tailor the training to the specific needs for you and your cat.

If you would like a social, loving and content cat, call me at (913) 709-4725.

Cat Training – $200