Do you have a new puppy? Did you know that socializing your puppy is very important in the early stages? Let’s discuss why and how this is beneficial . From the time you bring your puppy home begin by having family members hold and pet your puppy. Consider having a new puppy party with friends and family. Play pass the puppy game. Allow people to cuddle your puppy and then gently pass to the next person. You want your new puppy to get used to all types of people (children, younger and older, men and women, elderly people, people of different races, etc.) Play with them on different surfaces such as wood floors, carpeting, linoleum, grass, sidewalks, etc. Once they are vaccinated, take them to pet-friendly stores such as Home Depot, Bass Pro, etc. Always check with the manager before going. Puppies can be very susceptible to illness and disease. Once they are current on shots, consider enrolling them in a puppy training class. Make sure the instructor allows supervised play time at the end of class. You will go home with a very tired puppy. This is also a great place to socialize your puppy as well as learning basic training.

Schedule playtime with your friends’ dogs and puppies. Make sure your friends’ dogs are dog-friendly and gentle. Proper socialization can prevent your puppy from being always fearful of things in life such as riding in a car, meeting new people, going to new places, etc. Early socialization will help your puppy develop into a well-mannered, happy companion. Its improved habits will provide a calmer more satisfying day for you both.