how to fit dog training into your busy schedule

Dog Training ClassIf you have hired a dog trainer or are taking dog training classes, I am sure they told you that you need to practice daily. If you only practice during your training sessions, your training will not be successful. You need to practice every day. You are probably thinking how will I ever be able to accomplish that? You may even be feeling overwhelmed. Let me share some tips on how to work on your training without getting overwhelmed.

The important thing is to work the training into your day. You are probably thinking that is impossible. So here we go with some tips. When you feed your dog their meals have them sit and put food in their bowl. If they pop up, take the food away and ask them to sit again. At first this may take several tries. When you want to give them a treat or play a game of fetch have them sit first. Every time you take your dog outside or let her outside, have her sit before letting her go outside. I know some dogs want to race outside. If that is your case, this would be a great time to practice stay too. If your dog pops up, start over. It won’t take long for them to understand that they have to sit and stay before they can go outside. Always release them by saying okay. It would be wonderful if you stepped outside first. Stay will come in handy with this. Practice this every time you and your dog go out a door. Practice this when you take them out to places.

Practice come while your dog is outside. Have tasty treats with you and when they are outside say come. Reward them once they get to you. Practice sit when they come to you as well.

Everyone walks their dog right? Obviously you will need to work on your dog walking nicely, but did you know that you can practice a lot of training while on your walks. After a few steps, have them sit or focus on you (look at me or watch me). You can even practice down. Tell your dog to sit, stay. Walk to the end of your leash and tell them to come. Once they come to you have them sit.

When you are out with your dog, dog practice sit and stay when people want to pet her. Let the person know that they cannot pet her, if she is not sitting. It may
take a few tries. Be patient.

Basically the key to training is making your dog work for everything. Nothing is free to them. Keep your training sessions short. Even a couple of minutes throughout the day can make a huge difference. Don’t train your dog for an hour. They will get bored and shut down. Most importantly remember there is not instant gratification in dog training.