A certified pet therapy dog must have basic dog training (sit, down, stay, come, walking nicely on a leash, look, drop it, leave it, emergency recall).

Private Training

Group Class


This program is for those who just need a little help with their pet.

  • In-Home Evaluation*
  • 2 Private Lessons
  • 2 Commands
  • Resolution of 1 Behavior

Bare Bones

Just the basics

This program is for families who want to get even more out of their dog.

  • In-Home Evaluation*
  • 4 Private Lessons
  • 5 Commands
  • Resolution of 2 Behaviors

Just the Basics


This program gives you the absolute best training experience!

  • In-Home Evaluation*
  • 6 Private Lessons
  • 8 Commands
  • Resolution of Any Behaviors
  • Unlimited Email Support for 6 months

Perfect Pet

therapy dog class

We will teach all the behaviors needed for you to be a successful therapy team.

6 Sessions

Pets for Life certification
requirements will be followed

Therapy Dog Class

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Do you have a dog or cat that is calm and loves to be around people? If so, I offer pet therapy training for you and your pet. A Therapy Pet is a cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig, etc. that is certified to visit hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, churches and other places they may be needed. Therapy pets can increase emotional well being, promote healing, and improve the lives of those they visit.

In addition to the basics they will need to learn to greet people of all ages, sex and ethnicity nicely, be comfortable around other dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. They will also need to be comfortable walking around walkers, wheelchairs and all types of activities and noises. I can train you and your pet to become a certified pet therapy team with Pets For Life. I offer group classes and individual training.

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